De Nieuwste 
Client: WDKA Graduation project
Year: 2021 (ongoing)
Role: lead - creative, copy, design, branding
Visit: / @denieuwste
Mentions: Het Parool, NH-Nieuws, Reformatorisch DagbladWestkrant, Westerpost, presented in the Dutch House of Representatives on invitation of D66
Everyone in The Netherlands has an opinion on refugees, but what means do refugees have to influence this opinion?
De Nieuwste Amsterdammer is Holland's first mass media platform by refugees. A print newspaper with a circulation of 50.000, created by a team of 23 current and former residents of the asylum seeker center in Amsterdam. They are coached by 5 professional journalists from Holland's biggest newspapers (a.o. NRC, De Volkskrant, Trouw) and 2 industry leading photographers (Robin de Puy and Jan Dirk van der Burg) in creating high quality journalistic content from their own perspective.​​​​​​​
Why create a digital platform ánd a print newspaper? Being able to physically place our project into the homes of tens of thousands of people - who might not use the internet often or at all - gave us a way to break the digital (filter) bubble, and reach a key part of our target audience.
The printed 'De Nieuwste Amsterdammer' launched on February 6 2021 with a circulation of 50.000. Check out the website, Instagram or full paper by clicking on the images below.