Inspired by the evolution of ‘Delftsblauw’ Dutch porcelain in the 17th century - once Holland’s most cherished export product - we redesigned  what is now arguably Holland’s most wanted souvenir: XTC. Delftsblauw porcelain started off as a cheap Chinese knock-off.  But after it’s popularity soared, our craftsmen stopped copying Chinese images, and started painting images reflecting Dutch culture. Similarly, XTC was not invented in Holland, but we are now the world expert in its production. However, the images depicted on these pills  are still foreign. To claim these pills as Dutch souvenirs, and use them as promotional devices for Dutch culture, we created 5 new pill-press designs. They reflect current and past elements of Dutch heritage, like van Gogh’s ear, and Johan Cruijff’s famous soccer shirt.
Made in collaboration with Kahraman Cinar.